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Independence is an opportunity to rethink task management

At Independence, this is an opportunity to change your daily task management.
If you are happy with the way things have been done so far, you may be able to keep it that way.

However, as work and life change, so do the objects of management.
If you are interested, try another one with task management.

Consider the reasons why changes should be made.


Rhythm changes from what it used to be.

Independence changes your life forever.I will do so.
They may no longer commute to work, or they may change their commute location.

If the rhythm changes, the objects to be managed will change dramatically.
The granularity also varies.
You can also manage things that you have been managing in detail in a larger perspective.

It would be a relationship that would change the way we work with others.

If the subject changes, there will be less resistance to changing methods.
If the purpose of task management changes, it is a good reason to change the means.

These times are a good opportunity to review task management, even though we are busy.

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Periodic task changes

One reason is that regular tasks change.

Individual independence would eliminate monthly reporting.
On the contrary, there is more to be conducted against you every day.

Often, even when an organization becomes independent, the timing of regular meetings changes.
Another possibility for some organizations is to reduce the number of regular meetings as much as possible.

Comparison of "Change" vs. "New

Even if the same task management methods are used, the time to transition the content is the independent period.
This is because, as mentioned above, the rhythm and regular tasks can still change.

Which is more time-consuming, changing the content of a task or creating a new task?

It is difficult to say in general.
However, it also depends on the case that making a change is easier than a new one.

Revisions can take longer than expected.
Revision is "erase what you have" -> "rewrite with something new".
New is "enter something new".

Considering that it only takes one move, I thought it would be a good idea to make it a new method.

If you want to review your task management, independence is a great time to do so.
We encourage you to take advantage of it.

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