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Thesis Editing Consulting

This service is for those who want a logical revision of their master's thesis.
Tax law exemptions are available for those who are working on a graduate degree.

However, we have received requests in other areas and are available for applications.


Compatibility issues with professors

The research of the researcher's supervisor is first class.
Many of them are also highly capable of writing papers.

But my supervisor is very busy.
Schools have reduced the number of teachers to the bare minimum.
There is much to be done both as educators and researchers.
In addition, we have made presentations at academic conferences.

When studying in graduate school, we hear complaints from some students, "I don't get along with the person who teaches me," or "They don't read and point out details.
For those who do, we offer advice that is positioned as a second opinion.


  • Those who have written a master's thesis (about 40,000 words) and are told by their advisor that they have not discussed it.
  • I've done a lot of research and have the materials, but it doesn't work.
  • I'm not putting in the effort for what I can do, but I'm not getting good results.
  • Those who want to have their sentences logically corrected.

We will propose the overall logical development and structure of the project.
We will check and suggest any other requested points.

Services, etc.

Calibration Contents

  • We offer advice from the perspective of logic and rhetoric, with a view to beautifying your paper.
  • We will record and comment on Word revisions, direct proofreading, and illustrate as needed.
  • In the past, we have provided about 400-500 locations for correction.

We will respect your style of writing so that it does not become a substitute.
We will provide you with advice that will enhance the quality of your paper while respecting those words that you have uttered yourself.

What is not covered

  • Consistency check with the references and references themselves
  • Written references (available upon request and legend)
  • amanuensis

Major Field of Study for the Thesis

We do not limit the field to check mainly logical configurations.

If you have read my profile and blog and would like to make a request, please apply.
Here is what we have received so far.

  • Tax Law
  • Labor Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Linguistics
  • Philosophy related

For academic purposes, the text will be stiffer than this blog post.

Other notes, etc.

I will do all the checking.
I have experienced most of the backyard from sales at work.

We do not recommend this program for those who prefer a more pure culture of academics.

The text gives an approximate sense of direction.
We will provide positive comments that will enhance the quality of the paper and

Testimonials from our dissertation consulting clients

Here are some testimonials from people who have received dissertation consulting services.

Mr. Kinsey.
■ Why did you choose Maisen's dissertation consulting services?
Maisen has a background in law.

■What was the best part of this consulting service?
The detailed and proactive text suggestions.

Kinsey's BlogWe were also introduced in

■Why did you choose Maisen's Thesis Editing Consulting?

 This is due to a recommendation on Twitter.

■What was the best part of this consulting service?

 It was illustrated and clarified the issues.

Application Process

Please apply using the application form below.
We will send you an email with payment information.

Upon receipt of the email, please make payment by wire transfer or credit card within 3 business days of receipt.

After confirming the transfer of funds, we will send you the data of your paper.
We will respond to you within 10 days after receiving your paper data.

(This is not a guarantee and may vary slightly depending on the time of year.)


49,500 yen
 *Bank transfer or credit card payment

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees are as follows

  • After payment and before sending data : 50%
  • After receipt of data : 10%
    *We will refund the amount paid by wire transfer or credit card minus a refund fee.

Application Form

*Please check to make sure that you have made the correct one.
(1) the number of courses you have passed, (2) whether you are attending or hope to attend graduate school, and (3) whether you want to be independent (and if so, what you want to sell).
You may copy and paste the points raised by the professor.