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Reflections on "Blogging Profits" and "Axis Building," a daily update in its second year.


A little recap on the point of how much and what can be earned from a blog.

Of course, I will give you the earning that can be converted into money, but I will also write from the viewpoint of creating your own axis. If I am working for a company, I have to ask myself whether I can maintain a normal sense of the market.
The blog has help for those who are unsure if they are making the right axes.

The ban on side jobs is being called for.
If the ban on side jobs is actually lifted for all companies, will everyone really be able to work on the side?
It is obvious that not knowing what you can do or what you want to do will continue as it has in the past with entrees.
Of course, even the uncertainty from the ups and downs of the economy will continue.


In light of these considerations, we will summarize the following information as a reference for those who wish to have multiple sources of income and those who wish to clarify their self-actualization axis.



*I won't be discouraged.



As part of our blog management policy

As a premise, the operating policy of this blog is as follows

  1. To create a small track record of duplicate work (or, in smaller terms, side income).
  2. Creating seeds for business.
  3. To create one's own axis.

I see many people in the web world who have commercialized themselves and become more and more successful.
There are also many people who have successfully blogged as a supplemental income.


Frankly, we have not reached those people at all.
However, we are maintaining the basic axis of "keep touching the market and find something to sell.
I continue to be satisfied with myself in the sense that I am following the policy.


I would be happy to see short term results, but it does not seem to be the case.

As for me, I would be lying if I said I am not looking for short-term results.
But we try to look at the long term without worrying too much if there are no results.

It is also important to keep doing things that produce results quickly, so we want to keep a reasonable mix of self-serving content and content that seems to be sought after.



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External quantified earnings: 44,571 in economic results for the year.

Total is based on March 2018 - February 2019.
The reason why the period is halfway is because we tried to tally the data with the end of this month as the end point.

The breakdown is as follows.

  • Amazon Affiliate 15,831 yen
  • Google Adsense 28,740 yen


Another means is to do a better job of affiliate marketing.
However, since I place the basis of introducing what I want to introduce as a site rather than to generate income, (maybe I'm just lazy) I don't put much effort into doing anything other than the above.


The monthly cost is about 3,700 yen.
It is very unprofitable when converted to an hourly wage.
However, since this is not an activity that pursues an hourly wage, I am not too concerned about it.

I was wondering if it is similar to the fact that the hourly rate for R&D activities does not give an accurate effect.


External, non-quantifiable revenue: exposure to the market

When we put something out on the web, there is a reaction.
Not many people respond directly to us by writing articles, but we find the opinions of those who do to be very helpful and encouraging.

Even if they do not respond, the number of accesses will train you to get a sense of what will and will not interest you in large numbers.


The weakest part of being a company employee is being in touch with the market.
If you stand on the front lines of sales, you know exactly how the company's products sell.
However, not all of them have the sales skills to sell themselves, and they also rely on the quality of the company's products.

If you work in the back office, you have no contact with the market, meaning the outside world.
The closed internal way of doing things is kind of closed, and the sample size is totally insufficient to try to sell goods and services in general.


That said, the beauty of a blog done by a company employee is the opportunity to be in touch with the market.
It is easier to imagine that this is what is required in relation to the outside world.

As business becomes increasingly complex, this is an experience that brings us back to the starting point of demand.
It seems like a waste of time, but I think it is an experience that can be put to good use.


Internal, unquantifiable revenue: axing and squeezing

The good thing about blogging is that it gives you a chance to think about what you can squeeze out of yourself.

Squeezing it out shows how you really feel.
There's a psychological test that says that the answer that comes up after you let the surface conditions come up is you.
For example, "I will give you three conditions for a person I like, and if two people appear who share those common characteristics, what is the next condition?

Blogs also start out with things that are easy to write about and topics that are superficial.
The more often you write or the more posts you make, the more you have written.
What you write next will be more than just superficial.

This is the process.


As for whether I am enough, I am not yet.
However, I can feel that the axis is being built more than when nothing was done.


As a summary of blogging revenue in the midst of a booming duplicate business

Even though the ban on side jobs at companies is increasingly being lifted, many of you may not have any particular skills of your own.

It is difficult to determine whether there is really nothing we can do, or whether there is something we can do but don't know how to monetize it.


The advantages of starting a blog for such a person can be summarized in three ways.

  1. Know what it feels like to earn a small, supplemental income.
  2. You can connect with the market to create seeds for your business.
  3. It will be a challenge to create your own axis.

I am not quite there yet, but I would be happy if you could refer to this as a look back.


[Editor's Postscript
It's stronger to move forward even if there are still some problems to worry about.
So, even if there are a few failures, the bigger perspective is to look forward.

[Exercise record].
Jogging o Stretching o Strength training o Supplements o

For the first time yesterday.
Dinner with children

[Yesterday's Childcare Diary
I can now say "bi~ruu."

Not only that, but they would quickly come by and pour the sealed beer into your glass.
I wondered if he would not wait until he was 20 years old to join me for dinner.
I thought it was filial piety, but I still simply wanted to pour.

He brought the glass to my mouth and urged me to drink it quickly.