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AI should be used in centaur form.

AI has recently come to be used in a variety of industries. However, its use is still being explored, and many people may be wondering how AI should be incorporated and whether there are any risks involved in its incorporation.

We believe that the answer to how to deal with it should be the "centaur type". If you are wondering how to deal with AI, this article is a must-read!


Centaur type of dealing with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The centaur-type approach in dealing with AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been and continues to be the focus of attention. This means that decision-making is not left to the AI to make all decisions, but rather in a style that involves 50-50 human and AI involvement. With this approach, there is no need to be concerned with black-and-white dualism, i.e., whether AI or people do it.

The centaur approach can be used in a variety of fields, both ancient and modern, and will play an increasingly important role in the future of AI and human society. The centaur approach has been used in a variety of fields, both ancient and modern, and will play an increasingly important role in a future society where AI and humans will exist.

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Even people need to be checked very closely.

When utilizing AI, it is important to first check with the intention of interacting with the AI. while we see arguments that ChatGPT is not accurate, we must remember that even a person needs to check very closely.

Preventing AI failures through human judgment is similar to compensating for another person's lack of judgment through human judgment; it is important to interact with the AI to confirm the necessary information and make decisions. In particular, it is a good idea to use a different level of granularity in situations that have immediate consequences. This is because highly accurate checks are essential in cases where human lives are at stake. In less urgent brainstorming sessions, it is useful for a quick overview of the entire process.

The centaur-type approach is used effectively in a variety of fields, both ancient and modern

The centaur-type approach has been used effectively in many fields, both ancient and modern. For example.

  1. Quality control in manufacturing: Automation, where necessary, based on human knowledge and experience.
  2. Assist in medical diagnostics: multifaceted detection in cooperation with physicians
  3. Support for Artistic Production: Working with Artists
  4. Improvement of Natural Language Processing: in the field of natural language processing, minutes preparation (correction of important parts)
  5. Improved marketing: leveraging the capabilities of both humans and machines to discover problems and make decisions
  6. Predicting the price of financial instruments: combining human knowledge with machine learning techniques
  7. Language learning assistance: collaborates with human teachers for more effective language learning, including AI interaction
  8. Video editing assistance: some automatic editing in cooperation with a video editor
  9. Autonomous Control of Robots: Autonomous Control of Robots
  10. Support for Sports Referees: Sports Referees and AI Judging

AI and humans complementing each other will be critical in future decision making

It is important that artificial intelligence (AI) complement traditional decision making through data analysis and complement each other with humans. This will enable more effective decision making. Taking a centaur-type approach, it is clearer to think of AI and humans as interconnected than to see them in oppositional terms. Information is somehow tied to objects, and the computer itself does not live or have to live. This is the major difference between people and computers. By cooperating, we can combine the scientific perspective of AI with human-like judgment. As AI continues to evolve, AI and humans must cooperate with each other to make decisions more effectively.

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