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Introduction of "Prompt Apps" for generating ChatGPT prompts

In this blog, I will introduce a tool called "Prompt Apps" with ChatGPT prompt generation. It may be useful, but it is only an introduction as it is a bit contrary to the idea of efficient input.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence technology that can write out natural sentences. However, in order to write out such "natural sentences," appropriate prompts (keywords that begin sentences) are required. Prompt Apps is a tool for entering these prompts. This tool can automatically generate prompts for various genres and themes. For example, "travel," "food," "love," etc., can be used for any topic.


What are "Prompt Apps" for ChatGPT prompts?

Prompt Apps" for ChatGPT prompts are applications that allow users to use ChatGPT more effectively and efficiently. These applications improve the accuracy of the artificial intelligence by allowing users to easily create, save, and manage prompts. Specifically, tools such as Chrome extensions, Typing Mind, and Text Blaze allow users to practice prompt engineering and generate high-quality prompts.

For example, you are asked to write a blog.

This is the kind of output that came out.

I want you to act as a blogger and ChatGPT prompts for generating 'Prompt Apps' Introduction expert. The topic of the post will be 'Introduction to Prompt Apps
Advantages of using
Future Development Plans'. The length of the each blog post will be around 1000 words. the tone will be Informal.I want you to include these keywords:{keywords}, Replay within format {Title,Descrition}

Attached is what came out. Corrected only the blue part.

What came out was formed into a sentence like this.

Title: Let's Try Prompt Apps! Its Appeal and Future Development Description: A casual, fun blog post introducing Prompt Apps, discussing its benefits, and plans for future development.

Hello, everyone! Today, I'd like to talk about the hot topic of "Prompt Apps", its charms, benefits, and future plans for its development. Whether you are wondering what Prompt Apps is or you are already using them, we are sure you will enjoy them even more in the future! So, let's get started.

Introduction of Prompt Apps

First, let me briefly explain what Prompt Apps is: Prompt Apps is an app that uses AI technology to automatically generate useful information and ideas in any field by simply entering prompts (questions or instructions). For example, it can handle writing ideas, cooking recipes, travel plans, and anything else you can think of.

Advantages of using

Let's take a look at the benefits of using Prompt Apps.

Shorter & More Efficient You can save a lot of time by having AI provide ideas and information on your behalf. This allows you to work more efficiently and tackle your work and hobbies.

Creative Inspiration Prompt Apps can provide ideas and perspectives that you may not have thought of on your own. This allows you to develop more creative works and projects.

A wealth of knowledge and information Prompt Apps has knowledge and information on a wide variety of subjects. This allows you to expand your knowledge and interests.

Flexibility Prompt Apps can be customized to your needs and preferences. This allows you to create your own unique content.

[Plans for future development

Finally, I would like to discuss future plans for the development of Prompt Apps. In the future, we plan to...

If you find it useful, use it. I have not used it in this way so far, but I am sure some will find it useful.

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What is the Prompt Engineering Guide to learning how to use AI?

In addition, the Prompt Engineering Guide will help you learn the fundamentals of prompt engineering, and ChatGPT's Prompt Apps for Prompts is one of the essential tools for effective and smooth use of AI. The "Prompt Apps" for ChatGPT prompts are one of the essential tools to effectively and smoothly utilize AI.

The Prompt Engineering Guide is an online resource created by DAIR.AI, an international community of AI research, to help you learn the prompt instructions necessary to get the full performance of AI. You can learn how to construct prompts so that you can obtain output with high accuracy when using natural language interactive AI such as ChatGPT.

This material is provided in a fully online, text-based format. It is intended that this material will enable students to become even more effective in their future use of ChatGPT to create prompts. The Prompt Engineering Guide is also included in the training curriculum and more widely accessible in Gibbly's official "Track Training" course.

It seems like a good thing, but it's not the end of the world.

Prompt Apps seems useful, and the fact that it is easy to use in people's words breaks down a bit. This is just an introduction to help you refer to it if necessary.

We may be seeing a bit more of the term prompt engineering in the future. It is said to be the work of making these instructions specific, but there have always been attempts to have the prompts themselves written in ChatGPT. If we get too much into it, we will move away from efficiency, so let's use it in moderation and as an adjunct.