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I want to express myself as simply as possible. I like to conceptualize tax accounting.

An accounting-related service came to me about making the firm's philosophy.
Philosophy in Management.
Personally, I consider it necessary.

However, I wonder to what extent the idea of idealization is acceptable to the wider public.
Management and others may like it.
If we focus on the general population, they may not like it as much.


Philosophy is invisible.

The difficult thing about philosophy is that it is not tangible.
The ability to see the invisible is quite special.

They seem to be talking about the same thing, but they don't seem to get it.
Even if you feel like you are getting the message, you may be seeing something completely different.

In turn, the "business philosophy" of the accounting firm.
A service company asked me, "Do you have a business philosophy for your accounting firm?" I was asked.

My house is.We connect the necessary dots among the many issues and provide services that help organizations and individuals achieve the freedom they seek."and other explanations.

We do not see a management philosophy.
We try to be as specific and plain as possible.

Still, it tends to be conceptualized.

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Bad at enacting what you can't see vs. accounting firms

I feel that people in accounting firms often conceptualize when some people are not good at enacting what they cannot see.
I wondered if this fondness for conceptualization was due in part to the fact that "accounting terms themselves are a mass of concepts" to begin with.

Take entertainment expenses, for example.

Entertainment expenses, hospitality expenses, confidentiality expenses, and other expenses that are incurred by a corporation for entertainment, reception, comfort, gifts, and other similar acts (hereinafter referred to as "entertainment, etc.") for its customers, suppliers, and other persons related to its business. Expenditures for the purpose of entertainment, etc.

Special Taxation Measures Law Article 61-4

I see that this is the case.

If you are good at tax accounting, you won't feel anything with these terms.
I am wondering if you understand it as written.

But if you are not good at it, you can't imagine the specifics if you don't know where the breaks are.
It is also difficult to understand how it can include expenditures other than those spent on food and drink.

I feel that conceptualization is at work here.

If it's easy to understand, I want to avoid conceptualization somewhere.

I feel more and more that clarity is required in everything.
He wants it to be easy to understand what is difficult to understand.

It may be a little more difficult to manage among experts.
However, if we are directing it to those who are not, or to those in various fields, we are forced to think of it as gentle, and even gentler.

I feel again that I want to express what is in front of me as simply as possible.

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Menu development.
I would like to make good time and complete the Japanese language by the end of this month.

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Child-rearing diary (5yrs old, 2yrs old)
Children grow up so fast.
I feel the passage of time all over again when people I know say to me, "You were in my belly, and now you're already that big!" I feel the passing of the months once again.

I am once again reminding myself to cherish the small things that I do every day.