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Can I build a house for rental with Flat 35?

It is very important to know where to borrow when building a rental house. Consider interest rate trends and the ease of borrowing a fixed rate of interest. This is laundry that is directly related to these factors.

If you are considering combining your home with a rental and applying for a mortgage, you will immediately look at Flat 35. Can I borrow a Flat 35 for a rental home?







I actually contacted Rakuten Bank and Aruhi.

Contact Rakuten Bank, Inc.

Originally, the eligibility requirement for rental units was that at least 501 TP3T be the home portion (there are some exceptions. (There is only one line as far as I could find).

We checked to see if we could get a Flat 35 if the condition was for the entire land and building of the rental unit where more than 50% is the home.

In conclusion, your intended rental home cannot be built with Flat 35. Flat 35 is completely a loan for a home.

The following conditions must be met when applying Flat 35 to a forced rental house.

  1. To own a condominium unit (one condominium unit registration is required for each).
  2. Prorate the area between the home and the sectional registration
You can then rent only your portion of the property. The building as well as the land will be prorated. In other words, if you build your home portion with 50%, the loan you can borrow is 50% for the entire building and land portion.

Rakuten Bank was sympathetic and answered the conditions for application, but basically it is not possible to apply.

I contacted Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank.

The answer here is also the same as Rakuten Bank. Loans are available, but only the home portion is eligible for Flat 35.

The proposal was to borrow the 50% from Flat 35 and the remaining portion from Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank.

There is no point in splitting the loan into two separate loans, and that is not the original intent. The bank has kindly given us a friendly answer here as well, but it will be difficult as a realization.


Contact Aruhi

The answer in Aruhi's case was simple.


Not applicable."


That is all.
After all, Flat 35 should not be lent to homes with a rental component.


Contact Mizuho Bank

To be sure, I also contacted Mizuho Bank.

The result will not change. Flat 35 cannot be applied to rental housing. If you want to apply it, you have to make a choice with a loan from Mizuho Bank itself.

Other Banks

We do not categorize them here, but we have asked other banks. The content is not subpar to the above.



Flat 35 is not an option.

Based on the above, those who wish to build rental housing do not need to consider the application of Flat 35.

Don't waste your time thinking about it. The eligibility requirements for bank loans are constantly changing. Be sure to check the best bank loans available.


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