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A sense that failure is fun.

The number of failures decreases with age.
There will be two reasons: more to do and less new things to do.

Failure itself is not fun, in some cases, because it is unforgivable.

But when I look at my children, I come across that they enjoy making mistakes.

Or, "I tried, I couldn't do it, but let's try again."
Couldn't do it, ha ha."

Like, I keep trying, and I also enjoy failure.

It is a feeling we forget as adults, but it is a feeling we need to remember if we are going to take on a challenge.




Failure is fun.

Even when they fail, the children enjoy it.
The reasons for this are many.

  • I was like, "Dad, and yet I failed!" It was funny because it was like, "I'm an adult, but I screwed up!
  • It was like, "I failed just like my dad."
  • I tried it, and it was fun.
  • It was fun to be able to do it and not be able to do it.
  • I wanted to try.
  • I wanted to do it because it looked interesting to watch.
  • It was fun to do it.

Such as.

The feeling that failure is fun is something I haven't felt in a long time.
I also do multiple checks myself before sending it out to avoid making mistakes in the first place.

If I find a mistake (something that needs to be corrected) while doing my job, I feel "hmmm" and correct it immediately.
It is something to crush when you find it, and it is never fun.

But when I look at children, I come across situations where they take it as something fun.
That alone renews my awareness of the difference in the way it is perceived.


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Failure is the new

The point of making mistakes is something we are not accustomed to.
It's new to me, so I'm not used to it, and that's why I fail.

That outcome of failure is not a happy one.

But in terms of doing new things, they seem to enjoy it.

I haven't paid attention to the results.
Failure" - "Fun" - "Doing something new.

We can recognize that there is fun from the consequences of failure, but if we often break down the causes, the fun comes from the "doing something new" that precedes it.

Even if the failure itself is not pleasing, there should be enjoyment from the newness that comes attached to it.


If you're prepared, you don't care if you fail.

As we grow older, we hate failure more and more.
Because I have made many mistakes in the past, and I know the bitterness of failure.

But if you are prepared, failure shouldn't hurt that much.
This is similar to how you can endure pain if you know you are going to fall.

With preparation, we can endure even the most difficult situations.

It would be a waste if you don't enjoy it if you do the same.
Also, if you are prepared, failure is not that painful.
It is attached to fun and, surprisingly, failure itself is also fun.
As adults, we tend to forget.

If you are about to try something, by all means, remember the joy of failure.
Prepare in advance for the bitterness that sometimes comes, work through it, and savor the joys that are nearby.

I had to remind my children of this.


[Editor's Postscript
We are considering cameras for video.
We would like to be above none, but we also want to balance overinvestment.

[Exercise record].
Stretching ○ Muscle training

Parenting Diary (4 years old and 1 year old)
Shopping with the younger child.
We slowly looked at the crane at the construction site and stroked the grass in the plantings together for a bit.
It's fun to add a few new things for the children.