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How Google evaluates texts written by AI

Curious how Google evaluates texts written by AI?
Have you ever wondered if AI-generated content is rated differently than human-generated content?

In this blog post, we explore how Google rates AI-written texts like ChatGPT and consider why it rates AI texts the way it does.


Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that deals with the analysis and interpretation of natural language.
This allows the machine to read, understand, and interpret the text in order to respond in an appropriate manner.

The natural way to respond to people is always being sought.
As a result, this NLP is used in chatbots to respond to customers, in search engine answers, in natural translation, etc.

And one of the things this NLP has developed is the ability to get AI answers like ChatGPT.
Because of its familiarity, it has attracted a great deal of attention recently.

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Understand how Google evaluates sentences written by AI

First.Google's response as of Wednesday, February 8, 2023Check the

Does AI-generated content violate Google search guidelines?

Proper use of AI and automation does not violate Google's guidelines, but if it is used to generate content primarily for the purpose of manipulating search rankingsViolation of Google's spam policyThe Company shall be deemed to have done so.

So, in other words, you are not in violation.

This means that AI-generated text will not be treated as spam.
Considering that an article could be ready in a few minutes after entering an assignment, we could submit as many articles as we wanted in a day, and we were worried about being treated as spam.
There seems to be no problem.

Speculate on why you value it as well.

I assume the reason is to evaluate AI-created content and the rest equally.

Use of "SpamBarin

SpamBrain, an AI, may have a certain amount of expertise in classifying spam as to whether it is spam or not.
The idea is that since we have already defined the content that should not be out there as spam, we do not need to be aware of whether it was created by an AI or not.

The AI article was already out there.

We have already submitted articles written by AI, including certain media.
Probably before AI writing became famous.
There will be the fact that AI writing was already being used extensively, if not openly.

Google itself also recommends Bard

Google itself is also trying to promote AI writing.
We are competing in Bard.

I was plugged for writing false copy in the promotion.
The evaluation body is like that.
And if it is a lie, you think you can play it by the evaluation system.

The most promising direction would be to play and manage by search evaluation.

EAAT remains the same awareness

Google continues to evaluate the EEAT with the idea that it is important.

E-E-A-T is a website evaluation criterion defined in Google's search quality evaluation guidelines, which is based on the idea of judging websites from the following perspectives

  1. Experience."
  2. Expertise."
  3. Authoritativeness."
  4. Trustworthiness.

We can at least say that AI is incapable of experience.
Where authority does not seem to exist.


When we look at experience and authority (who wrote it), we can say that whether it is written by an AI or a human, we will judge it carefully when we base our search evaluations on it.

Since you can use AI, you will have to be aware of EAAT and write it for now.