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If I'm worried about a fire in a rental unit, I'd at least turn the gas to induction.

Even from those who are considering a rental home.
We have received access to the site.

The hurdles that must be crossed are
There is, but it is a form of operation.

The investment rate will be lower, but at a lower rate of return.
Given the possibility of funding
One of the methods that some people can choose.


The recent rise in housing construction costs is
Two-family homes are also prevalent in the city.

And the two-family house, once the parents are gone.
It would be a type of rental housing.

to share a building with a stranger.
I'll think about it.



Living with someone else reduces the advantages of a detached house.

The beauty of detached houses is that sound is not easily transmitted.
And it is to be able to live in separate fireplaces.

Rental housing is a seemingly efficient operation.
It seems to be connected, but the tenant has a fire
The same goes for the landlord in the event of a waiver.
To be affected and burned.

Sound transmission is also great.
It depends on the material, but the same building.
The sound transmission up and down is there.


Rental combinations are the advantages of single-family homes.
The advantages of living separately from others.

If something isn't good after you actually start living there.
It is too late to notice.

With these risks in mind
Consider a rental home.

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How IH and building structure can be used to prevent fire

Now, let's see what we can do in the case of a rental house.
What to do.

Regarding fire, there is an idea to put IH.

He said it would somewhat reduce the risk of fire compared to gas.

However, it comes with the caveat that it is not perfect.


Regarding noise, footsteps easily echo up and down.
Use the bottom by yourself and the sound of the flooring.
The use of easily absorbed

However, the apartment I rented out.
I use the downstairs for my own use and really
Will it be satisfactory?

On top of having a high mortgage.
The best of that property to others.
It is highly doubtful that the portion can be rented out.



structure and usage.
The risk of fire in rental units.
We can reduce it a little.

On the other hand, with a high mortgage
Someone with a good location for the property you purchased.
It may be difficult to give priority to lending.
Is there any?

The diminishing meaning of ownership is
I feel it in this area.

Especially where housing tends to be expensive.
In the city, there are still
I am not sure what to do.


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