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Rental Housing at Japan Post Bank

When considering a loan to build a rental house, Japan Post Bank will also come up. Yucho Bank has a partnership with Suruga Bank, and they offer loans with looser standards than regular banks. Let us consider what kind of loan it is.


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Japan Post Bank Rental Mortgage Loan

The loan applicable to rental housing at Japan Post Bank is the "Home Loan 'Yumebutai' Individual Business Owner Support Type".


This loan is targeted at sole proprietors. The unique feature of this loan is that "the residential portion of the loan must be at least 1/3 of the total loan amount.

The beauty of rental housing is that you can borrow at "low interest rates" and have a rental property, taking advantage of "the only advantage salaried workers have, which is the ease of borrowing.

The Yumebutai is one that is listed as being for private business owners. It is not a loan designed to maximize the creditworthiness of salaried employees.


The situation is much different for sole proprietors than for salaried workers, as they want a home, an office or store, and space to rent.

The Yumebutai is certainly a loan for private business owners.


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High interest rates are more than acceptable for a rental combination.

Home Loan "Yumebutai" interest rate for supporting individual business owners is like this.

Variable interest rate type 3.575 % to 5.175 %

It can be rented for a rental unit, but it does not make sense to rent it for a rental unit unless you can afford to cut 1%.

Even the most recent business loan has a lower interest rate. The life insurance business loan, when actually contacted for comparison, was offered at a variable rate of less than 21 TP3T.

The dream stage is less attractive in terms of interest rate for rental housing use.


Japan Post Bank is not an option for rental housing.

In conclusion, Japan Post Bank is not an option for rental housing. It may be a good line of credit, but the interest rate would not be in the operational category.

In that sense, it is advisable not to borrow a loan from a Japan Post Bank for a rental house unless you cannot borrow from the best bank in relation to credit.


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