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Atrophy in corporate work discourages duplication and independence.


This is an era in which individuals can have their own media. The world is becoming a place where individuals can work more freely than organizations.

Even if you cannot start your own business all at once, it is possible to do multiple jobs (side jobs) and earn money in small increments.

However, if you are atrophied by the organization or other work you are doing as your main focus, you will be less inclined to become independent or to duplicate your work.

He said that you are free to choose how you want to focus your efforts either way, but if you are trying to become independent or do multiple jobs, you have to free your mind.



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be demotivated

I saw LA LA LAND. The way they move forward to their goals even when they are beaten down.
Apart from the end, there was a sense of toothache and empathy at the point where hard work is not rewarded.

If you are seeking independence or duplication of efforts and are beaten down by a single company, you will be stopped before you can even begin your efforts.


If you feel deflated, you will not be able to work on new things. Working hard in the present is no different than working hard in the past, but if you work with a deflated mindset, you will come away from creative work (independent or duplicate work).



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It's not that people with multiple jobs or independence become resistant to this atrophy because they can't.

Once you overcome the atrophy in your organization, you can't turn toward creative work.

What you want to do will deepen because you will continue to work on it, skipping over the atrophy somewhere along the way.

He said that while the idea of training may suit some people's temperament to endure and accumulate virtues, if they do not devote time, even gradually, toward what they want to do, they will not be successful in becoming independent or duplicating their work.


During the end of the year, my time for blogging was a bit reduced because I wanted to improve my performance in my corporate work.

I am glad to see some of the results from my corporate work, but I am reminded that I need to make more of an effort to devote more time to my own goals.



Performance and Age

As we age, our performance declines. I am very concerned about that as well.

I see people who are much older in their corporate jobs and have less physical strength and less ability to think outside the box.
Sometimes it feels a little like my future.

Young people quit because they feel this is what will happen if we continue to move forward.
Even if you don't end up quitting, I thought it would be something that would help you see beyond your advancing age.

No one's fault but your own.

If there is something you want to do, you need to have the perspective to take responsibility for advancing it.

If you work for a company, you may feel that it is someone else's decision or that you have made a mistake by being made to do something that is not your decision.
Then I wondered what would have happened if the situation had been one in which I could have proceeded on my own judgment alone.

When proceeding with independence or duplication of work, use your own judgment.
I think we should be aware of increasing the percentage of people who are responsible for their own progress.


[Editor's Postscript
Reunion at home today. It was a great day to relax and spend time together. I intend to go back to my goals for the next opportunity.

For the first time yesterday.

[Yesterday's Childcare Diary
I was able to spend time with the children during the day and we took naps together. Did they go out with us or did they go out with us after a while?
They spent the day smiling.