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Find demand that you can't learn about online.

As the Internet reduces the value of information, it is important to consider what cannot be learned online. This is because finding what you cannot learn on the Internet will help you find demand for your business.

At an Izakaya in Tokyo by iPad


A look at the music industry dynamic.

The music industry's business seeds have shifted to actually being or getting people to come to concerts. At one time, selling CDs was the biggest source of income, but since people don't buy music CDs these days, handshakes and concerts have become the main source of income.
What we can say from this is that the value is shifting to the experience of the place.
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Consider the value of the experience.

Consider the value of the experience.
  • Can you then provide value to the experience other than learning?
  • How much know-how can you grasp the atmosphere of the place and the heart-to-heart communication?
  • You can get an idea of the atmosphere of the people who are providing the service.
  • A glimpse of prerequisite knowledge that is not written in reference books
  • If you want to become a seminar instructor, you can experience being on the client side as a seminar experience.
There is an argument that AI will reduce the number of jobs that can be copied, but the experiences offered in this seminar can provide even those that AI cannot.
The knowledge provided by an AI can have a high degree of correctness, but it cannot have the persuasive power to provide the history of a person's life.

How to make the experience a hands-on experience

How the experience is experienced is also important. The value of an experience depends on how the premise is given and experienced, and how the experience is reflected upon after the experience is over.
For example, let's say there is a training for managers, and you already have a thorough understanding of that management training at your level. In that case, there is simply no value in attending that training.
However, what if you give the premise that the training is to understand the areas where the new managers you are supervising are likely to encounter difficulties? It simply does not make sense to say that you can do it as a student. If you can stand on the instructor's side and have the goal of reaching a level where you can even teach, the value of taking a training course that you are already capable of will increase tremendously.
Hence, how the experience is experienced is important.

Provide what you can't learn on the Internet.

The Internet endlessly reduces the value of things to zero. As a countermeasure, it is useful to consider how the experience is experienced.

[Editor's Postscript
The end of this year is in sight and I have re-set my goals for this year for the remaining two months. I have completed about 80% of this year's goals, and I hope to be able to meet the previous goals for next year.

For the first time yesterday.
Rainbow Spring

We played with the spring we received. The children were delighted to touch them because they were easy for them to grab and when they stretched them out, they looked colorful and changed colors.

Since he was a magnet who wanted to nibble, he ended up chewing on it with a whimper.