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Don't want to lose your Apple Pencil2! 5 measures to prevent loss

Apple Pencil2

Apple Pencil2 can be attached to the side and carried around.

But a significant number of people have lost theirs.
In fact, I have lost mine once.

Based on this experience, we will summarize five measures to avoid losing the Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil2
*My Apple Pencil2

Do I always need to stick it on? How long does it take to recharge?

Understand that the Apple Pencil2 does not need to be charged all the time.
There is no need to leave it attached to the side.

The charging time heresummaryPlease check the

Battery rise Charging time Charge per minute % growth
5% → 32 5 min. 5.4% (5.4%)
32% → 56 5 min. 4.8% (4.8%)
56% → 62 5 min. 1.2% (1.2%)
62% → 93 10 min. 3.1% (3.1%)
93% → 98 10 min. 0.5% (0.5%)

If you stick it on for 5 minutes, it will quickly increase the remaining charge to about 32%.The following is an example of a product that can be used in this way.

Please stick it on the side for a bit before the meeting.
The battery level will be ready for immediate use.

It is less necessary to always stick it on the side all the time.

It would certainly be smart to attach it to the side.
But it comes off easily.

Side-attached storage is mind-boggling!

The biggest problem is that the Apple Pencil2 is
The price is just over $10,000.
It is a bit awkward to pay for each lost item.

19,077 (2023/06/02 08:00時点 | Amazon調べ)

Next, consider loss prevention measures.

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loss prevention measure

What loss prevention measures can be taken?

Measure 1: Put in a pen case

A simple way to do this is to use the
It is to be placed in a pen case.

You can put them together with your other writing materials.
It will not be attached to the side and lost without your knowledge.

If you want to put it in a pen case, make sure it is the right size.
Apple Pencil2 is 16.6 cm.
The Frixion Ball Nock, which you probably have often, is 14.6 cm.

It is a little longer than the Frixion Ball Nock by 1 cm.
It can be tucked into most pen cases.

Measure 2: Store in a gadget case

It is a way to store the gadget in a case like any other gadget.
The idea is similar to a pen case.

For people with a lot of gadgets, the
If you're already carrying a case, then you're in the right place.
It can be stored here instead of being called a pen case.

The size of the Apple Pencil2 is 16.6 cm as shown above.

Measure 3: Pen clip

By attaching a pen clip.
This is a method to eliminate loss by making it hooked.

There is a preference for clips to be attached.
Therefore, the choice depends on whether your tastes match.

For those who want to use the Apple Pencil2 simply in stick form.
Maybe it doesn't fit a bit.

Measure 4: Pen Loop

This is a method of attaching a pen holder to a notebook.
The storage location can be determined, which helps prevent loss.

¥824 (2023/06/05 01:17時点 | Amazon調べ)

Measure 5: With rubber band, pen case

This method involves wrapping a pen case around a notebook or other object.

Can you put it on an iPad case?
If I can wrap it around something I carry with my iPad.
Rubber bands would also be an option.

Recommended for those who have a place to hook up.

Don't trust magnets.

I don't trust the magnetic storage in the Apple Pencil2!

Many people have lost their Apple Pencil due to overconfidence in the magnet.

And to the level of discussing loss prevention methods.
Demand for such measures is increasing.

It is cool, but I don't trust magnets.

Apple Pencil lovers should use the above gadgets or carry them in a pencil case.

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Child "Yes!
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I said, "Is this okay?"
The child says, "Something's different...?"

It was endless.