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Numberless Credit Cards. Surprisingly easy without a number.

Many people are aware that credit cards should have numbers, but numberless cards are becoming more popular.
Checking as of November 2022, there are many companies that offer them, including Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Card, JCB Card, Mitsubishi UFJ Card, AMEX, etc., and there are likely to be more in the future.

Those who have had a number on hand in the past may consider it better to have a number when creating a card.
But, surprisingly, it is not difficult to do without.


No fear of being seen

If you are used to a design where the credit card number is not on the front of the card, it seems superfluous to have it on the surface.
Now you can make it disappear from the back side as well.

These days, I wonder if there are not many situations where the number is used by shoppers, such as when it is read by an IC chip or processed by touch.

Come to think of it, once upon a time there was a situation where you had to enter a number when you couldn't get your credit card to scan properly.
We rarely see them.

Enter the number on this side.
We can envision situations in which you will be shopping online or doing other mail-order activities.

There is probably no need to bother notating it on the card.

Credit cards can be used with a combination of number, expiration date, and passcode.
There are situations where you have to put in the PIN number of the credit card company, but it is better not to be seen.

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I can get it from the app.

If you want to see the number, you can take it from the application.
You will also find it on the base paper that you will receive at the beginning of the card being mailed to you.

To launch the application, you will need the unlock code for your phone.

And the phone knows where it is located.
Some can be used in conjunction with touch pay on a smartphone.
In the case of Sumitomo Mitsui Visa, it seems that it can be linked to Apple Pay.

Inconvenience when you just want to check something.

At first, there is a sense that it is a little inconvenient when you want to check the actual product, but it depends on the application.

Even in the case of a credit card, if it is used only for mail order, it may be entered once and never used again.
It may become a normal specification if we find ourselves in the position of having no number listed.

Note that if you have a credit card with no description, you will feel somewhat uneasy about a credit card with a description.
In the end, it all comes down to familiarity.

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