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When you can't write a blog, do you change the type of writing to counteract the problem?

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Blogging can be described in one word, but there are many different types of content. This is because the content can be freely chosen. From here, if you are not good at blogging, it may not be the blog itself, but the selection of its content that is not right.

Even if you are not good at writing, or if writing takes you a long time, the meaning may not be uniform. If you are having trouble with writing, there are ways to think about what you are having trouble with when you write.


Not good at writing? What are you not good at writing?

If you are not good at writing, dig a little deeper into the subject. Is it that you are not good at special writing, or is it that you are not good at writing itself?

Specialized writing here is, for example, academic writing such as papers and reports, and specialized writing such as business documents. In contrast, if you are not good at writing itself, it means that you cannot write, including everyday texts. For example, it means that you are not good at writing including letters, diaries, social networking posts, etc. If we go with a tax accountant's blog, we will divide it into three categories for convenience.

  1. Who is bad at writing tax articles and who is good at writing tax articles?
  2. People who are not good or good at everyday articles
  3. Who approaches or does not approach other topics

Many of you must be good at writing and reading, and some of you may be good at any of these. That person may not be the target of this article very much. However, for those who vaguely think they are not good at writing articles, it is a good idea to consider which content they are not good at.

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Practice what you can't do or develop what you can.

What you do after considering which articles you are good at is either develop what you can do or practice what you cannot do.

In my experience, the quickest way to do this is to first write down what you can do and check it. If you continue to improve what you cannot do, you will be able to do so. However, to gain momentum and express your personality, it is a good idea to start with what is easy to write about.

We believe that if you are good at writing daily diary entries, or if you would like to put your personality out there to some people, then daily articles are fine.

If it is to be management-related, you can also write about the good points of the stores you visited from your perspective. If it is difficult to name specific stores, you can keep it under wraps.

Change the subject and change the taste.

The good and bad thing about people is that they get bored.

The good thing about AI is that it keeps you going without getting bored, which is probably a good thing that it is out there compared to people. If you see boredom as a kind of alert and a person is writing, you can switch to another task or write another article.

Another way to do this is to limit the amount of logically organized articles to a certain amount and increase the number of articles related to daily life. There are pros and cons, but at first it will be necessary to increase the volume of articles on the web as much as possible. At that time, if it is difficult to do so using only a logical approach, try to break it up and swing to content that draws inspiration from daily life-related topics.

Is there a proper way to use blogs, etc.?

There is no right or wrong way to use blogs and social networking sites.

You can say, "That approach is not good" because it is based on the premise of "increasing access." However, if the goal is to increase engagement or other content, the correct way to use it will change.

In my experience, I have met people who point out how to use certain social networking sites. I don't really care if the point is correct or not. Rather, I felt that the person's values were revealed by that statement. I believe that it is OK even if it is not considered right in the world, as long as it is aimed at the right thing.

It does not have to be generic, as long as your goal is to grow your own media. Decide on your own direction and write about it.

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