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SBI Sumishin Net Bank and Rental Housing

The way they are going.

SBI Sumishin Net Bank is our top priority lender when it comes to mortgage loans. This is because of its low interest rates, but what about when building rental housing? We actually went to SBI Sumishin Bank for consultation.


The way they are going.



Obtaining an appointment and changing the person in charge on the day of the appointment

For SBI-related consultations, you can go to the SBI Money Plaza.



Contacting us in advance about what you want to ask will make the day go smoothly. Although the person in charge is a professional, there is a wide range of money-related questions. It is better to clarify in advance what you want to ask because it is easier to get an answer if you make it easy to answer questions that fit your intention.

Again, I made an appointment before heading out, but on the day of the visit, the person in charge suddenly had to go to sleep, and another person took care of me on short notice.


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Mortgage counseling is easier to understand if you have a specific case.

When you go to consult with us, it is easier to understand if you have a specific project in mind. Even if you do not have a clear idea of the property you want to buy or build, you can still consult with us, but the answers were no different from what you would find on our website.

You can check the floor plan from the bank's perspective by bringing a floor plan.

It is important to note that the bank's examination department does not respond on the spot. This is the same at other banks, but in order to separate the legitimacy of the examination, the examination department and the consultation service are separated. Therefore, the person who answered our questions reminded us that even if they responded to us, some of the details of that response may change during the actual loan process.

What I've heard related to rental combinations.

There were two points of concern with the financing of general housing and rental units.

One is the percentage of the home portion of the rental unit. The other is a bridge loan.


Mortgages lend for the construction of your home. They do not lend for construction of rental properties. Japan's policy is to offer low interest rates on loans for home construction. However, the interest rate for rental properties is more than double that. The intention is to increase the number of homeowners, but not to increase the number of rental properties at similar interest rates.

A rental house is a building that is a home plus a rental property, and according to the ratio, the rental portion can be financed at the same interest rate as the home portion. So what does that ratio mean?

The answer was that the home portion must be at least 501 TP3T. The same answer was given when I actually went to ask the question, and there is a similar answer on the web.

FAQ TOP | NEOBANK Sumishin...
I am renting a house and a house for rent... | NEOBANK SBI Sumishin Net Bank Available. The full amount of the loan will cover the purchase of the land and the acquisition of the building. However, the floor area of the residential portion, excluding the rental housing portion, must be at least one-half of the total floor area of the building...

All funds for the purchase of land and building acquisition are eligible for the loan.
However, the floor area of the residential portion, excluding the rental housing portion, must be at least one-half of the total floor area of the entire building.


Another point of concern is whether a bridge loan can be obtained.

This is lent not by SBI Net Bank, but by a loan company called APLUS, which can be linked to SBI Net Bank. SBI Sumishin Net Bank did not provide bridge loans at the time of our research.

It is necessary to take measures to predict in advance how the cash flow will be prepared.


Other than that, there are no major differences between borrowing a regular mortgage and borrowing a rental home. If you have any points of concern, you can actually visit the office and ask about them. Since Saturdays and Sundays are crowded, try to make an appointment as early as possible during the free time at the end of the year and the beginning of the new year.

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The end of the year is quickly approaching. I am thinking of going to Mie Prefecture in my free time.

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