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To assume the rent of a rental unit, actually contact the rental company.


If you want to assume rent for a rental combination, register on a rent assumption website. The registration does not need to be very detailed. Just rough information is enough to determine the rent information. Do your research and consider building assumptions. Or use the information to consider adding facilities.



Entrance to the exhibition hall by iPhone X


Use of rent registration websites

This time we used a website called Rakuhai.

Bulk quotations for management companies Let us be your landlord's friend when it comes to management companies for income-producing properties|Rakutei is No.1 in terms of ease of use, number of users, and number of income-producing properties.

We will discuss what has not been done, assuming the house is a rental unit. The content can be approximate. We will make a request.

I made the request and within about 30 minutes, about 4 companies contacted me by email and phone. It was fast, and I was a little surprised at how the phone rang and rang.

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You can get a rough and ready assessment.

Call or email us and tell us what you envision for your rental home.

Simply tell them the distance from the station, the layout (e.g., 2 bedrooms), and the size of the house, and they will give you an immediate answer for the rent price. This assessment is very useful when planning a rental house.

There are certainly innovations from the landlord's perspective when building a rental property, such as making the bathrooms operable from the outside, making the house auto-locked, and so on. However, some of them do not reflect greatly on the rent.

Management company assessments can be very helpful in separating what is reflected in the rent and what is not.


Very helpful for those who can't assume at all.

In real estate management, it is difficult to have an advisor. This is because the presence of an advisor will lower the investment return.

The same is true for rental housing. Those who can afford to pay may do so, but putting in many advisors unnecessarily will lower your investment income rapidly. You need at least an attitude of proactive planning on your part. It is important to gather information carefully. When gathering information, be sure to contact the rent site for an overview.


[Editor's Postscript
We had planned to see the tuna auction market in Nachikatsuura, but as expected, it was closed at the end of the year, so we had to leave it behind.

Instead, I was able to visit Kumano (Kumano Hongu Taisha, Kumano Hayatama Taisha, and Kumano Nachi Taisha). It is fun to visit Japan's World Heritage sites.

For the first time yesterday.
Kumano Hongu Taisha shrine
Kumano Hayatama-taisha
Kumano Nachi Taisya
first offering of the season

I went around the shrine and met many people. As I was meeting and parting from everyone, I suddenly started waving to them with a "bye-bye" of my own. Children learn little by little from the actions of those around them, don't they?