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People who should not and cannot make rental housing quaint or economical.



Fixed mortgage rates are going up.

It will be interesting to see future trends, including variable interest rates.


By the way, rental housing is in vogue with low interest rates. It is good to enjoy the economic advantages, but there are people who should not do rental housing.

We will consider this point in this issue.



*While reading a book by iPhone X



People who want to enjoy the dream of a detached house.

The good thing about detached houses is that they can be lived in only by families.

It does not share walls with the house you live in like an apartment, and you can live as you wish, with a garden and the freedom to change rooms as you wish.


In contrast, if you live in a rental house, you share the house with a stranger.

No one would want to go out of their way to live with strangers. From an economic standpoint, even renovating a used house is an option.


In other words, the start is completely different, whether the start is financial or whether the house is to be filled only with family members.

Considering the complete difference between the two, it is necessary to consider which of the two benefits you would like to enjoy, rather than choosing between the two.


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Income of less than 7 million yen (for married couples combined)

If you are planning to build a rental house, you need to have some ability to borrow a loan.

In the case of a salaried worker, it is annual income.


Annual income may be combined.

The commonly accepted annual income line is 7 million yen. If you cannot borrow this amount, you will not be able to purchase the land and build a superior house for rent.

In Tokyo, it will be higher, and if you go to a rural area, this annual income line will be a little lower.


However, it cannot be built without this sense of budget.

The hurdle is not so high for dual-earner families, as the combined annual income of the couple, not the income of one person, is sufficient.

This is a bit of a hurdle when you think about what you would do if you had children, etc., but as long as you are working at the time of the loan, there is no problem as a screening process.

Basically, the couple would then use their rental income to pay the mortgage, so there would be no problem if they quit their jobs for a period of time.


With this in mind, rental housing is a strategy that is more suited to dual-earner couples. You can be the sole earner in the household, but two people are more likely to overcome the hurdles.


People who cannot persuade their partners

A house is not something you can own alone.

If you cannot convince your class partners together, rental housing will not be an option.


This is especially true if the couple is taking out a loan together.

Creating unwanted debt can lead to family discord.

If you are not satisfied with your rental home, you can simply quit.



In Summary.

Rental Housing. It is a very good option to think of having a detached house without paying rent.

However, the purpose of owning a detached house is quite different from the purpose of owning a rental house.


No one wants to live with a complete stranger, so it is necessary to properly agree with the partner who wants a detached house.

Note that this is a completely different end point.


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I bought a puzzle for a slightly older child. He enjoys taking it apart and building it again and again.

Fitting the pieces together is a more difficult task than one might think.

It may take a little more time until I can do it, because I sometimes take the piece next to it when I fit it.