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Does it stick with anyone? The number of people seen and the number of people reached in a tax sales effort.

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Thank you for visiting my blog and social networking sites. I am concerned about the number of accesses to these activities because they are visualized. However, considering that there is no end to looking up and that the goal is to provide services to those who ultimately seek them, I try to be aware of the number of people who need to be reached.


It can be widely retroactive, but let's not worry about that.

Access numbers are a good indicator, for better or worse, but I increasingly feel that they cannot be relied upon. In many cases, the reason people are looking at us is because of those attributes.

We get the sense that the content is not reaching very well, even if it sticks to the whole as such. It is not necessary to dye everything one color, and it is possible to try articles that are divided into those that are retrospective in number and those that do otherwise.

It wouldn't be necessary to make the entire blog an article that sticks.

I went to a gathering the other day where there were people who hardly needed the services of a tax attorney. Of course, it is good to be in a situation where you are not in need. However, I felt that spreading the word widely is analogous to talking to people who don't need this kind of help.

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Writing for someone else

I feel that content that is sent out to someone or written for someone else is more likely to reach them.

If we can reach one person properly, we can make the content reach someone else properly. This way you can reach the people you want to reach and have a better chance of reaching those who need it. When looking at traffic, it is sometimes easy to distinguish between traffic that is valuable in terms of something other than sheer numbers and traffic that is not.

Blogs can be divided into different features for each post. If you properly separate the content that you want to increase the number of views or the content that you want to deliver to someone, you will be satisfied with the results.

Advertising-related companies

One of the most common stories that comes up in advertising on behalf of social networking and advertising-related companies for their services is the story of increasing the number of people. This would be a story about increasing the number of people who see the content, whether it is content that you want to increase the number of people who see it or content that you want to deliver to someone else.

Not that the act itself is bad, but it feels a little different from the part about delivering. Even when recruiting and public relations activities were conducted within a company, the advertising-related approach was to increase the overall number of advertisements and hope that eventually they would reach someone. There was not much of a concept of targeting.

In this sense, it makes less sense to ask for these ads if the ads are targeted or if the content is intended to reach someone in particular, even if it does not lead to business. We feel that you should be aware of this discrepancy when you ask an advertising firm to help you with your tax sales activities.

Trial and error continues, but we are happy to be a thought-provoking source for tax accountants who are engaged in sales activities.

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