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Telecommuting for tax office employees is permitted for a time.

If you use cloud software that encourages telecommuting for your tax firm, you canConfirmation that telecommuting is allowed.is out.

The content of the written confirmation is confirmation of the case.
There is a question as to how far this can be granted with generality.
However, it would be possible to work from home.


Confirmation from Article 40.3 of the Certified Public Tax Accountant Law

The content of the request for confirmation of the link is as follows

4. details of the request for confirmation
We would like to confirm that if an employee of a licensed tax accountant's office performs work for a licensed tax accountant's office at a remote work location using a cloud service that implements a new remote work support version provided by an inquirer, the remote work location does not fall under "licensed tax accountant's office" under Article 40.3 of the Certified Public Tax Accountant Act.

*The remote work-enabled version is "a cloud service between the Referee and the Tax Consultant's Office that implements a new remote work-enabled version offered by the Referee (the "Remote Work Service")." It is considered to be.

You asked about whether working from home would violate the Tax Code as working in two places.

In answer to this, the

To the extent that you use the system functions of the Remote Work Service and the business rules of the tax accountant's office pertaining to working hours and locations, management of work content, and compliance with confidentiality obligations, etc., you shall not use the Remote Work Service for any other purpose.

It is to be approved on a conditional basis.
Here are the terms and conditions

The following are the rules for the use of remote offices: ・ Do not put up signs or write addresses on business cards that could be misinterpreted as those of a tax accountant's office.
The remote work location does not employ staff or provide facilities or space for client meetings.

We are aware that it is possible if the state is not misidentified as an office.

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Is Article 40.3 of the Tax Law outdated?

If this answer is correct, it would be possible to work from home by using cloud services.

  • Work hours: use cloud ticking service
  • Location: Add a work rule or telecommuting policy at home.
  • Management of work content: work content is determined
  • Confidentiality: Regulations or monitoring software

It would be something like this.

However, it is not clear that this is the way to clear the regulations.

I feel that the demand to "create software so that we can do what the law says because it is so hard to change the law" was also present in the Electronic Bookkeeping Act.

Firms that have worked hard to comply with this law may think, "Why change now? or "You don't have to change anymore.

From the software company's point of view, it can be said that the demand for software is to create these areas properly in accordance with the law.

Internal control as in a general company

We hear of moves to reduce telecommuting in general companies and professional firms.
There will be opposition from the workers, but is there value in being in close proximity at all times and being able to exchange ideas?
There will be criticism here, and it will be different for everyone.

On the other hand, how to deal with the confidentiality perspective is a major issue not only for tax firms.
When you are inside, but there is even a possibility that you will change jobs.
If we are serious about controlling the removal of data, we need monitoring software, but we don't want to be monitored.
Software is not free, so there is a cost.

There is also the issue of how to think about BYOD in an organization, even if it is still fine for individuals.
Usually it is fine, but when you retire, for example, the data is still on your home computer.
Is everything from telecommuting to a remote desktop format?
Even then, it does not mean that they cannot be copied at home.

Even if legal compliance is good, the extent to which the office management can tolerate it in terms of internal control will be a major issue.

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